2016 Agricultural Census Summary

  • The 110 farms gained in the 2011 census were lost along with another 317 more farms.
  • The amount of farmland has decreased by 10%:
    • Under productive blueberry land coming out of production
    • Fire-blight in apple orchards
    • Decreased in greenhouse flowers 
  • For the first time since at least 1991, the number of operators under the age of 35 has increased, with the average age of a farm operator increasing across Canada, Nova Scotia seeing the highest average age at 56.
  • With regards to fruit, nuts and berries, Nova Scotia has the fourth largest area and generates the third highest amount in gross farm receipts.
  • Expense ration has increased to 0.89.
  • The number of people employed year-round remained steady while the number seasonal employees decreased almost 2000.

Source: NSFA News & Views. Vol. 29, No. 05. June 2017.

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