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Apple Industry Growth & Efficiency Program (AIGEP)

 The Apple Industry Growth & Efficiency Program (AIGEP) is a partnership between the Government of Nova Scotia and NS apple growers which will encourage innovation through orchard renewal. This program will help apple growers with their initial capital investment to plant their orchards with new, higher value varieties that will help the industry to innovate, grow, and be more profitable.

It is a 6-year program starting in 2014 and ending in 2020. The primary cultivars provided by the program are Honeycrisp, Ambrosia, Gala, and other special market varieties include SweeTango, Pazazz, and Sonya.

AIGEP is supported by a steering committee representing the apple industry. Membership may vary but must always include representatives of the following groups:

Voting Members/Representatives:

  1. Chair is the President of NSFGA
  2. Horticulturalist, Perennia & Technical Advisor
  3. Packer representatives (3)
  4. Industry representatives (2)
  5. Grower representatives (3)
  6. Chair of the NSFGA Production Committee
  7. Vice-President, NSFGA

Ex Officio, Non-voting Members:

  1. Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture Manager, Programs & Business Risk Management
  2. NSFGA Executive Director – Program Manager, AIGEP

The program provides Technical & Administrative Guidelines at the beginning of November. Applications are received in the month of November each year.