Apple Maggot Eradication Program

Elizabeth Nichols is the Apple Maggot Eradication Technician again this year. The apple maggot over-winters as a pupa in soil and adults emerge from late June through September, with peak flight into commercial orchards in August. Emergence is closely linked to soil moisture levels— in dry years, some pupae remain in the soil until the following growing season. Apple Maggot flies are strong fliers and field studies indicate they fly up to 3 km from alternative hosts. Thus, controlling alternative hosts including American hawthorn or wild apple trees within 300 meters of commercial orchards helps to reduce pressure from migrating flies. Elizabeth is here to help growers control apple maggot so if you are aware of any hawthorn or wild apple trees within that 300 m radius, please contact Elizabeth at (o) 902-678-1093; (c) 902- 670-3599; or

Source: Orchard Outlook. Vol. 19, No. 9. June 7, 2017.

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