Orchard Tour Tomorrow!

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A last reminder that Orchard Tour is taking place tomorrow. It will begin and end at Scotian Gold in Coldbrook. The full schedule can be accessed here: Nova-Scotia-Orchard-Tour-Sched-2017.  See you tomorrow!

Orchard Tour Update

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Just a friendly reminder that our annual Orchard Tour is taking place in just over one week on Thursday, August 3rd! The tour will start and end at Scotian Gold in Coldbrook. If you have not yet seen the schedule or would like to view it again, it can be accessed here: Nova-Scotia-Orchard-Tour-Sched-2017


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The schedule for the upcoming Orchard Tour is as follows:The schedule can also be accessed and downloaded here: Nova-Scotia-Orchard-Tour-Sched-2017Nova Scotia Orchard Tour – Thursday, August 3rd, 20178:00 amScotian Gold Cooperative220 Lovett Road, ColdbrookCoffee and SnacksParking Near Pad #58:30 am Introductions & Greetings8:45 amBoard Buses 9:05 to 9:40 amPomona Farms1222 Hwy #341, Canard·       Fall Herbicideso   An Effective Option?o   Sandy [...]

The Annual Orchard Tour

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The NSFGA Annual Orchard Tour is quickly approaching, it will be taking place on Thursday, August 3rd. Details will start to come to light over the next few weeks and will be announced as so. Be sure to pay attention to our website for updates and information to do with the tour as it approaches.

2016 Agricultural Census Summary

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The 110 farms gained in the 2011 census were lost along with another 317 more farms.The amount of farmland has decreased by 10%:Under productive blueberry land coming out of productionFire-blight in apple orchardsDecreased in greenhouse flowers For the first time since at least 1991, the number of operators under the age of 35 has increased, with [...]

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

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Researchers are on high alert for the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug which has damaged apple crops in the US. These pesky bugs have gone from 2 or 3 states in 2010 to 43 states in 2017, wreaking $37m worth of havoc on the apple industry in the northeastern US alone. They have been found in [...]

Apple Maggot Eradication Program

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Elizabeth Nichols is the Apple Maggot Eradication Technician again this year. The apple maggot over-winters as a pupa in soil and adults emerge from late June through September, with peak flight into commercial orchards in August. Emergence is closely linked to soil moisture levels— in dry years, some pupae remain in the soil until the [...]

Honeycrisp #1 in 2016 Crop Report

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The five top varieties of apples reported in the 2016 crop report for NS include: Honeycrisp, 325,000 bushels in 2016, up from 300,000 bushels in 2015; Cortland, 260,000 bushels in 2016, down from 300,000 bushels in 2015; McIntosh, 200,000 bushels in 2016, down from 240,000 bushels in 2015; Spartan, 125,000 bushels in 2016, up from [...]

Resolutions update as presented by NSFGA & HNS to CFA & CHC

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 Resolution #1: Expedited application process: Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program  PASSED WHEREAS Canadian horticultural farmers have completed job searches since 1989 with the result of all the requested temporary foreign workers being granted as Canadians have been unwilling to fill these positions; WHEREAS Canadian horticultural farmers support a Canadian first employment policy and the hiring of [...]

Research update: Flavonoids in apple peels could help fight against breast cancer

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The most recent research conducted by Dr. Vasantha Rupasinghe’s research team at the Dalhousie University has shown that a group of bioactives called flavonoids present in apple peels has the potential to keep the breast cancer cells under control. According to a research presentation made by Dr. Rupasinghe at the Functional and Medical Foods for [...]