Research update: Flavonoids in apple peels could help fight against breast cancer

The most recent research conducted by Dr. Vasantha Rupasinghe’s research team at the Dalhousie University has shown that a group of bioactives called flavonoids present in apple peels has the potential to keep the breast cancer cells under control. According to a research presentation made by Dr. Rupasinghe at the Functional and Medical Foods for Chronic Disease Conference at the Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA, apple flavonoids can kill selectively triple negative breast cancer cells, a group of breast cancer cells that are difficulty to treat with chemotherapy. Dr. Rupasinghe explains “Apple flavonoids induced cytotoxicity is dose- and time-dependent manner but selectively in cultured mammary carcinoma cells”. We have also seen that apple flavonoids could suppress the growth of tumors created in experimental animals”. Researchers are now in progress to explain how the apple flavonoids act at molecular level by investigating their interactions with various cellular mechanisms in cancer and normal cells. Recently, Dr. Rupasinghe’s team has also made a scientific publication to demonstrate that apple flavonoids can kill liver cancer cells with minimum adverse effect to healthy normal liver cells at the same concentration.

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