Resolutions update as presented by NSFGA & HNS to CFA & CHC

  •  Resolution #1: Expedited application process: Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program  PASSED
  • WHEREAS Canadian horticultural farmers have completed job searches since 1989 with the result of all the requested temporary foreign workers being granted as Canadians have been unwilling to fill these positions;
  • WHEREAS Canadian horticultural farmers support a Canadian first employment policy and the hiring of temporary workers creates jobs for Canadians on their farms and makes it possible to farm the manual labour intensive crops they have;
  • WHEREAS Service Canada experiences significant burden processing applications that for decades have been for the same jobs and the same requirements;
  • WHEREAS these horticultural farms have a proven history with the use and application of the SAWP and the Agriculture Stream of the Foreign Worker Program on their farms;
  • WHEREAS the process needs to be less onerous as well as more cost and time efficient for all involved;
  • THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT an expedited process be considered, much like a trusted employer, for farms that have a specified history of good standing with the SAWP program.


  • Resolution #2: Approval of a placement   PASSED


  • WHEREAS Service Canada approves a placement for a seasonal foreign worker but for unforeseeable reasons the worker cannot complete the service;
  • WHEREAS the approved placement has be assigned to another worker;
  • WHEREAS it would seem unreasonable to have to re-apply for a placement that has already been approved;
  • WHEREAS time involved in the re-application process usually results in the replacement worker being available after the worker is needed;THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT if a placement is approved by Service Canada but a worker is under to complete the service, the employer will not need to reapply for the previously approved placement.
  • 3.  Resolution #3: Movement of workers to help other SAWP approved farms with short-term labour shortages.                                                     DEFEATED
  • WHEREAS it is a common occurrence during the growing season for one farm to experience a temporary labour shortage while a neighbouring farm will have labour not being fully utilized due to the seasonality of different crops;
  • WHEREAS it would be of tremendous benefit to both farms and workers to temporarily move labour from one farm to the other;
  • WHEREAS the farms need to be registered in the SAWP program;
  • WHEREAS Service Canada and the Liaison/Consulate services must be informed of the workers whereabouts;
  • WHEREAS the worker would stay on the original employer’s payroll and the original farm would invoice any other SAWP approved farm for the wage cost for the worker;
  • WHEREAS the movement of workers to assist other SAWP approved farms is not a money making proposition, rather only cost recover;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT workers can be moved from one farm (the original employer) to assist other SAWP approved farms on a short term basis when and if required provided that proper notification is given to Service Canada, F.A.R.M.S., and the supply country Liaison/Consulates.

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