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Youth Scholarship Fund

The Youth Scholarship Fund has been available for the past several years. A silent auction is held each Annual Convention and the monies raised from the auction determines how many and how much is given out.  Young growers or young people interested in the tree fruit industry in Nova Scotia who are under the age of 40 years old and plan to attend an educational event relevant to the industry, can forward a written request by email to the NSFGA office providing the details of the event they would like to attend.

Fund Recipients:

2017 – Alex Sarsfield (IFTA, Washington State), Cassian Ferlatte (IFTA, Washington State), and Harrison Van Meekeren (IFTA, Washington State)

2016 – Elaine Nichols (Great Lakes Expo), Willem Schep (Great Lakes Expo), and Harrison Van Meekeren (Summer Tour, IFTA)

2015 – Issac Peill, Travis Pearson, Brett Connell, and Thomas Lutz (all attended the IFTA in Halifax)